Black Metal 1

MadKicker discusses some of the recent history and news concerning Anti-fascist deplatforming of Black Metal and National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM). He also provides a rebuttal against a recent radio show by Sinead McCarthy from Renegade Broadcasting, as well as the general argument that Black Metal and NSBM are unsuitable for the white advocacy movement on account of being degenerate, subversive and fundamentally Jewish in nature. This is part 1 of a several video series on the topic.

Music: AEIOU – Tbemlngdo (2005, Othal Productions, Tomsk, Russia)


Aryan Soma Revivalism

MadKicker explains the concept of Aryan Soma Revivalism, which is a variation of esoteric hitlerism which recognizes the vedic soma ritual. He also discusses the 4-point system which comprises MadKicker’s core religious ideas.

Note: This video does not glorify or promote the illegal use of any controlled substance, or any other illegal activity, on the contrary MadKicker outlines pathways towards legal advocacy of religious liberty for Esoteric Hitlerists interested in Aryan Soma Revivalism.




The simultaneous belief, worship or doctrine according to both polytheisim and monotheism.

A Monotheist believes in and worships only one diety, and polytheists believe in and worship many dieties. Ambitheism claims that it’s either possible or correct to understand a third state in which both can or do exist simultaneously.


National (Socialist) Thearchism

National Socialist Thearchism (NST)  or National Thearchism (NT) is one of two things. It is an interpretation of National Socialism. OR It is an explicit form of government that practices or seeks to practice the National Socialism of the NSDAP as a Thearchy.

Interpretive National Socialist Thearchism

It is an interpretation of National Socialism (NS) that emphasizes the religious importance of National Socialism, especially the NSDAP. An individual that is an interpretive National Socialist Thearchist, would be nearly identical to a National Socialist except for the opinion that the National Socialism has a spiritual quality and goal. They merely think of their NS state as less political and more spiritual.

National Socialist Thearchism

Thearchy is government or Rule by God or Gods. Not often, but sometimes it’s definition includes rule by Priests. But, whenever we talk about Thearchism as in NST/NT, we are explicitly omitting the rule by priests, that’s why I don’t call it a theocracy. Thearchism means direct rule by the Gods or God.

Which Gods? The Aryan Gods. Which ones are those? Well there is a bit of freedom depending on what kind of pantheon or religion you prefer, but the guiding principle is the religious views of the historical NSDAP and related mythos. In other words, were trying be white here.

This means that an NST/NT believes it’s possible for deities to operate “in the flesh” to administer a National Socialist form of Government. A NS Thearchist believes that direct rule by God(s) is the most perfect form of government. Most NST’s are preparational , meaning that, since God(s) currently don’t walk around “in the flesh”, that the state should be planned around the expectation of eventual transfer of power to living God(s).

The Swastika Temple of the Rising Sun is an example of a religion that adheres to National Thearchism.